Sunday, July 29, 2012


I just finished my last shift as a medical transcriptionist.  I've worn the letters off 4 Kinesis keyboards over the years. They have really saved my hands from having to go through carpel tunnel surgery a second time.  I feel a sense of sadness that the skills I developed over the years will be put aside.  I'll miss it.  But what I miss is how things used to be.  Hey India....I give up.  It's all yours.

Now on to new adventures in life.  I feel like it's time to find a new career so I'm headed out into the real world.  No more working from home.  No more being tied to my office and checking e-mails throughout the day....even when I'm off.  Hopefully no more pay cuts, benefit cuts, running out of work or working all day to get 8 hours in.  

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Good luck in your job search. I hope you find something that can use your skills as well as giving you an interesting job.