Monday, August 6, 2012

Another ride....awesome!

 Saturday Gary, Jon, Bekkah, and I went on a ride up Starvation, down to Scofield, and then a little trail to Skyline drive.  It was gorgeous...just breathtaking beautiful. 

 We took a little side trail we found and it went forever (it seemed like) over a pretty rough trail for 4 miles and then it got smoother.  We got to this sign and then turned around and went back.  We weren't sure we had enough time or gas to go either way and then back.

 There's a fire in the distance.  When we drove home in the truck we saw 2 helicopters taking off with a bucket of water under them.  One even dropped water on out windshield.  It was really interesting.

 By the sign above there was a mud puddle.  We found these tracks.  I think the top one is a cougar and the bottom on bear tracks.  You can see the claws.  Kinda cool.  
 On the way up I was leading the way and a deer ran out in front of me.  Thank goodness I remembered to take my thumb off the gas....which makes the brake assist on the wheeler kick in giving the deer time to change direction and run by my side then behind me. It was a little deer who still had his spots.  I would have felt horrible if I had hit him.  A buck ran out in front of Gary a little later in the day.  Then we saw a couple more younger deer.   

 There was a sheepherder trailer along the way.  This mother horse with her baby were grazing in the afternoon sun.  It was so peaceful.

 You can see the trail along the top of the mountain in these pictures.

 Scofield lake peeking through the mountains in the distance. 
This has turned into one of my favorite places to ride.  There are so many more trails to explore.  Can't wait until our next ride up there.  Note to new sunscreen for the pack.  We all got sunburned.  Bekkah is so fair skinned that she got the worst of it.  I have to say I'm more tan this summer than I've been in years from the rides we've taken.

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Sandy Buffington said...

Look how beautiful and green it is!