Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sand Dunes Camping Fun

 We went camping to the Dunes last weekend with Jon and Bekkah.  It was a blast...hotter than heck but still a good time.  Gary, Jaycee and I could only stay overnight since Gary and I had to work early Sunday morning.  
 It didn't take too long to get camp set up Friday night.  Jon's tent went up a lot faster than ours.  We couldn't remember how to put ours up.  Thank goodness the instructions were still with it.  It's such a big tent....and I love it.  Yup.  It got cold enough for jackets at night.  We've had such a heat wave that it was nice to feel the cool air.
 We had to take the traditional night ride.  It's a weird feeling to be out there at night.
 I was the last one following everyone else and I have to admit I got scared.  I felt like something was watching and following me.  I had to sing a church song to calm myself down.  Then we went back to camp and had sandwiches for dinner at about 10:30.  

 Gary made breakfast the next morning.  It was delish.  We got up early since some campers were out riding and woke us up.  I'm pretty sure they were the same ones still out after midnight roaring up and down the road.  They interpreted the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. quiet time to mean the few minutes between moon down to sun up.  Grrrrr!!!

 I took this picture trying to show how many different trails there are.  You can go 50 different ways to get to one place.  It's easy to get lost too.

 We had fun riding all day.  There are so many fun trails around the dunes.  It had rained hard the night before we went down and the sand was perfect for riding.  It was good up on the dunes too.  Jon and Bekkah's machines are the kind to ride the dunes and ours do better on the outer trails.
P.S. Sunscreen works better before you are burned.

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