Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rainbow After a Summer Rain

 It's rained on and off all day today.  Nice change after the record breaking heat we've had.  We looked outside after dinner and saw this beautiful double rainbow.
 Then it cleared up and the mountain looked like this in the evening sun.  
 We went on a ride the Saturday before Father's Day.  I got a new pair of riding shoes for the ride.  Sadly I had to retire the purple ones after last year.  

 The cows are back in the canyon.  They were higher up in the area on the way to the reservoir.  
 It was a hot day and I caught this group taking an afternoon nap.  Cows in the canyon make Brad Paisley says......
 A little mud on the tires.  Just don't think this is the kind of mud he's talking about.
 There's a little side road we've wanted to try.  We took it...about a block.  It ends here.  Oh well, now we know.

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