Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Row Quilt

  I decided to do the Row Quilt in more earthy tones with different background fabrics.  I should be sewing for Christmas...but I just can't help but sew more rows.  I'm excited to see what the finished quilt will be like.  I've had a row quilt pattern from some quilting magazines tucked away for a couple of years, wanted to try it.  This is just easier.  Go to this blog if you want to try it.
I took a peek at the next row...mittens!!  Makes me want a little snow storm instead of the sunny days we've been having.
 I did get the cocoa cups done for my American Jane row quilt. 
 I've got the rows all pressed and hung up on hangers waiting for the final finish.   Only 18 days till Christmas so I better go get some sewing done.  I've been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix while I sew.  Cute show!

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