Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Decorations

 We're all decked out for Christmas.  We did it the day after Thanksgiving.  Our daughter, Jamie, gave us this adorable Nativity last year.  I think it's so special that the people are little children....especially this year after the tragic shooting in Connecticut.  I couldn't help but look at my grandchildren, nieces and nephews at our family party Saturday night and think of the families who lost a loved one.  
 Our tree ornaments are the old fashioned ones again this year.  My mom gave us some gold icicles to hang on it this year.  I think they really add to the tree!

 Our snowman display is a must for the Holiday Season.  My dad has carved most of them.  Such a treasure to have.  He also carved the soldier on the shelf below.
 I love our Santa Key.  My sister-in-law painted it for us years ago and it's a big part of tradition to have it hanging for the Holidays.

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Nann said...

Your house is always decorated so cute. And you really turned your new house into a home with your decorations!!