Monday, January 14, 2013

Sew Day...Hooray!

 Saturday afternoon I got to spend a few hours sewing with a couple of my sisters at my parents house.  My Dad was busy working on his wood carvings while Mom was binding quilts and doing some embroidery.  Nann, Tracy, and I were making little bags.  I made these for Christmas presents and stuffed them with chapstick, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, etc.  Tracy and Nann wanted to learn how to make we got together to work on them.  I got these 2 made.  I took my camera so I could get pics of their bags, but forgot to get it out and take pictures.  Oh me they were super cute!!  P.S. the pattern is in the Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More from Spring 2011.  You use charm packs, matching fabric for lining, and some fun buttons!!
After getting Christmas put away we got out a few of our Valentine's decorations.  It's so fun to change the look of the house for the different it gives me a chance to hang up my holiday quilts.

I planned to work on some quilt blocks today before work, but I got on Pinterest and lost track of time.  Sheesh.....I need a job that pays you for quilting and pinning cute ideas on Pinterest! 


Lara Leigh Raulston said...

I love my bag!! Thank you so much!! You are so amazing!

Lavada said...

Okay, I'm never going to find that book now! Please send me the pattern. You make me homesick everytime you have one of these sewing days.