Monday, January 21, 2013

January Progress

 I've got more blocks done on this quilt that I started in November. I made a quilt from this pattern a few years ago.  I love how scrappy it looks.
  An it's nice to get some of my stash used up.  I really enjoy going to my sewing room and spending the morning before work.  I like it even better when I can spend my whole day off there!  I've been going through my quilt books and magazines trying to find inspiration for a new quilt project.  Too many choices!
I got some machine quilting done on my friends cowboy pics yet. My quilting machine is still at my sister's house so I haven't been doing as much quilting as I should be doing....and I'm starting to feel stressed about it.  Someday when this cold (2 degrees at night) weather lets up we'll get my machine moved to the garage at my house so I can quilt more.  It won't fit in the front room so the garage gets to be it's home.  

On Saturday I went to the Cotton Stitchers club at the local quilt store with my sisters and mom.  It was fun!  Next Saturday we're going to the Block of the Month that is starting up for the new year.  

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Shannon Mower said...

This is very beautiful, I love it. I would like to invite you for a blog-hop called the "Liebster Award". My blog, would like to nominate you. It's just a fun get-to-know-you q&a about quilting and life. Have a nice day! :)