Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bryce Canyon Camping Trip Part #1

 We got away on a family vacation the first week of August.  I meant to get this posted before now, but here it goes in 2 parts.  We got there early Thursday afternoon.  We always camp in Red Canyon Campground outside of the actual park.  We've made many camping trips to this campground with various family members over the years.  
 The next morning Jon made us his breakfast burritos.  So delicious!!
 All of our kids and grandkids were able to come.  Gary's parents also came along.  And Max came.  It was his first camping adventure.  We looked into boarding him, but it was more money than we wanted to pay, so we brought him along.  I was amazed at how well he did on the trip.  Of course there was a little bit of medication involved....ha ha!!  I called the Vet's office before we left and they suggested 1/2 of a Dramamine to help keep him calm on the car ride.  It worked great.  I think there were a couple grandkids who could have used a dose too!!
 The campground is so beautiful and smells so good...the pine trees and earth.  I REALLY love this place.  Gary and I were married in the summer and spent our honeymoon at Bryce Canyon, so it has a special place in our hearts.
 Our cute tent.  I love how roomy it is.  We really don't mind tent camping.  It's just so fun to get out and enjoy nature.  That and the flush toilets and hot showers they have in the campground.  It's so worth the $2 to shower!!
 The grandkids had a blast playing in the dirt on the hillside.  Jon put up a hammock and they took turns and dug in the ground until they were brownish orange from the dirt!!
The 2 tunnels are fun.  They are small but still a wonder to look at.
 We took a hike to Mossy Cave.  It was a really long hike at 0.8 miles...ha ha!!
 Cody found a cave on the mountain.  He said it wasn't very deep.  I wonder if someone made it since it's so square??  
 Jaycee and Gary took turns carrying Max.
 Some of us hiking.

 Bane, our youngest grandchild, did really well too.  He looks so tired in this picture.
 Jon and Cody in Mossy Cave.  It wasn't as wet and green as in years past, but still lots of fun to see.
 Then we hiked up further to the little stream and waterfall.  Along the way Jon and Cody hiked up this trail.  This formation has always reminded me of a Siberian Tiger hauling things on its back.  
 It's always amazing to see how the trees hang on to the moutainside with part of their roots exposed and still keep growing strong and green.  It really makes me think about tenacity!!
 I think this is part of the old log we used to use to cross the river.  They've upgraded the hike and make a new footbridge. 
 Breathtaking scenery everywhere you look
Shhh.....don't tell.


Nann said...

I'm sure Max loved the ride and being outdoors. And it is not like he was rooting around and marking every spot along the trail.

Lavada said...

I hate to say it but I've never been to Bryce Canyon. I had the mumps when the folks planned the trip to Zion. I need to come home.