Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Loves

 We've had some great watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, and tomatoes.  It's still a little early in the season for tomatoes, but we've found a dozen or so.  Yummy...nothing like fresh tomatoes from the garden.  I'm sure in a week or two the tomato harvest will be in full swing and it will be bacon tomato sandwiches for dinner every night.  I've had a few BT sandwiches already....enough to make me really crave them.  That's my favorite part of summer!!  
 For about 15 years I wouldn't touch a hot dog.  Now that we buy the all beef ones I've been eating them again.  Don't know why I have to have the all beef dogs, but then I eat a polish dog....which has questionable ingredients.  Can't even think about it or it will ruin my new found hot dog love.
 Gary got our front door and shutters painted.  They were an ugly, sun faded green.  I love the updated look.  Makes it nice to come home....more warm and welcoming.  
 When I tended Katelynn last week she poured her bubbles into the little fountain out front.  It made a few bubbles, and then I thought what the heck!  I went in and got some dish soap.  We had tons of bubbles.  It made her happy.  It made me happy because it's so much easier to watch her when she's entertained by something.  When Papa got home from work he asked her about the bubbles.  She said "It did it all by itself."  Ha ha....she was worried we'd get in trouble.  
I'm bad at remembering to post pics of the grandkids on their birthdays.  Today little Brookie turns 4.  She is a little princess.  She wanted clothes, makeup, and Skittles.  That's easy!!

It's been a hard couple of weeks for our family.  Lots of prayers, love, and hopeful thinking for my niece, her  husband, and kids.  It's not really my story to tell, but here's a link to a web page.  It's a worthy cause to donate to.....And prayers in their behalf are always welcome.  It's made me realize how important family really is.  I've seen how we have pulled together to give love and support to my sister's family.  We believe in a loving Heavenly Father and miracles!!


Dena said...

I have a great family! We appreciate all of the love and prayers. We believe in miracles.

Sandy Buffington said...

Just when I think I'm done crying... :) we love you guys! Thanks for all you guys have done!!!