Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snow Day!

 We had a fairly good snowstorm last week.  It happened on my day off when I watch Katelynn.  I decided enough of the house....time to get out in the fresh air and fresh snow.  She insisted on helping me shovel the walks and the driveway.
 When I took a turn shoveling she kept throwing snowballs at me.  She has a pretty good aim for a 3-year-old!!  She said her Daddy taught her how to throw snowballs.
 Jamie was driving by after picking Jack up from his other Grandma's house.  They stopped to help build a snowman.  Since the snow wouldn't stick to roll the snowballs we had to take handfuls and smash them together to make the snowman's body.  
 Two mischievous cousins!!  Love how they get along so well {and sometimes fight like siblings!}.
 Superpowers!!  Jack was a big help with the shoveling too.
And this cute face belongs to a moment of weakness on my part.  I came home from work a couple of days after Christmas and Jaycee met me at the door holding this.  I asked her whose dog it was.  She said "Mine if you'll let me keep her.  They were going to take her to the pound."  Couldn't let a cute little puppy go to the pound.  {Do you think that story is true??}  Jaycee plans on taking her with her when she leaves home.....someday.  Oh man, I wish I didn't love dogs so much.

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Nann said...

Love those two and the fun they have. Cute snowman! Cute puppy, even if Max doesn't think so.