Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

 Another Christmas has come and gone {thank goodness}.  I do love Christmas, but I just get stressed out, like most people do, getting ready.  I go over and over the presents in my head trying to make sure they are equal for all the grandkids.  And thank goodness Jaycee wrapped the presents for us this year! We had our tree in the corner of the front room so we didn't put any ornaments on the back.  Jaycee said it looked like Christmas threw up on the tree {kind of overloaded.....ha}.  
 Our granddaughter, Eden, made Perler bead ornaments for everyone {aunts, uncles, cousins} in the family.  Wish I would have gotten pictures of all of them.  
 It always adds to the real meaning of Christmas to have the nativity my Dad carved out on the piano. 
 A few of my favorite Christmas decorations.
 Sterling loved the wrapping paper more than the gifts!  I had my camera out to take pictures of the other grandchildren opening their gifts but I forgot to take some.  Dang!!  But it really was a great Christmas, even without pics.
  I'm really missing my Canon camera.  I left it in the hospital room when Jaycee had her baby.  It was never turned in to lost and found {insert crying here}.  So I'm back to my old camera, which doesn't take the best pictures. 

The End 

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Me said...

I would cry if I lost my camera. Glad your holiday was as magical as it was stressful!