Monday, December 22, 2014

More Christmas Carvings

 My Dad has been busy carving again this year.  He does so many that I think he starts right after Christmas carving the snowman for the next year.  This year he added a Santa Carving.  The soldier on the right was done several years ago.  Love how they all look on my shelf.
 Dad made 50 of this snowmen to give out to family and friends.  He did 8 of the Santa carvings for his 8 children.  Lots of work and many hours spend carving.  
 My baby turned 20 this month.  She really is awesome, even though someone at Sam's Club doesn't know how to spell it.  Yes, it's a good thing to proofread your cake before you leave the store!
 I've been making Barbie clothes this year.  It hasn't been as tedious as I remember them being.  Although I have to admit I threw one shirt away and vowed never to do that particular pattern again.
 And finally.  What better way to get in the holiday mood than this cute little guy looking at the lights on the Christmas tree....while he's trying to eat his feet.

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