Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The House That Built Me

 This is a painting my youngest, Jaycee, has been working on for a few weeks for my Dad's Birthday.  She finished it and gave it to Dad on Monday {a little late}.  This is the home where we grew up in Springville.  My parents moved to Provo years ago when Dad retired, but this home holds lots of memories for all of us.  I remember roller skating up and down the sidewalks with my old roller skates that you tightened with a key.  Family dinners, laughter and tears.  Too much to even put into words.  It was so fun to see it come to life, step by step.  It was also a little bittersweet since they demolished the home last summer.  Jaycee found an old picture on Google Maps and that's what she used to paint it.  I was so excited to see it done, but forgot to take a picture of it all finished with the grass and trees.  {I'll get one and post it soon!}  
 I did this quick quilt for my friend.  She bought this cute Rylee Blake fabric and I quilted it with circles.  I love the cute dinosaurs along the selvage.  I bound it in the turquoise fabric from the back.  Turned out so stinkin' cute!  
 And this one I quilted up for another friend.  I love the triangles in the solid colors.  In fact I've pinned a few on Pinterest, hoping to get one done soon.


Nann said...

The house is so cute, especially as I don't think any of us have a good picture of the whole house.

I love the quilts. It is fun to see you quilting again.


Mommie-Marzie said...

That painting is killing me. Brings tears to my eyes. She captured it how it is in my memories. Can't wait to see it in person at Mom and Dad's!


Pots and Pins said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I lost your link months ago and today I found it!!! Now I'm up to speed - I've missed you and your quilt - it's nice to "see" you again!