Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boy Quilts

 I've been sewing/quilting again!!!!  Yes, the quilting bug has really hit me, thank goodness.  I have so much to do, quilts to make and quilts to quilt.  I think about quilting when I'm at work......can't wait to get home and go down to my sewing room {after I've spent some cuddle time with the grandbaby}.
 My co-worker just had twin grandsons born and then another grandson, all in the same week.  So I made this grey/yellow/blue quilt times 2 for her.  I really don't like to use some of the fabrics from JoAnn's, but I really didn't want to spent a lot on the quilts.  I found these fabrics on sale for 50% off and then had a coupon for another 20% off.  Woo-hoo! 
I did the backs different colors.  I really, really LOVE the grey dots.  I can't wait to do more quilts with grey fabric.  Here's the link to the pattern {She talks about JoAnn fabrics too....ha ha}  It's super easy.  I'm sure I'll make it again.
 My sister, Nann, gave me the fabric for the next quilt.  {Thanks Nann}  It's the good stuff.  There's enough fabric to do 2 quilts, so I was thinking of using it for the twins.  Then I decided I like the  fabric so much, that I'm giving the 2nd one to my grandson, Sterling.  I used a wedge template.  I'll post a picture of the whole quilt when I get it off the frames.  I think it turned out pretty good.  
 I watched Katelynn yesterday on my day off.  To keep her busy so I could quilt I gave in and let her play in my buttons.  She dumped 3 quart jars of buttons into bowls and all over the floor.  What a mess.  But it was so worth it to keep her busy!  


Nann said...

They look terrific. Glad there was enough for you to have some fun. You need to raid my stash.

Lavada said...

I'm loving the simple quilts with the white in them. Wish I had your talent and your machine!