Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quick Burp Cloths

 I finished quilting another triangle quilt for my friend.  She did this one for her new nephew.  I was trying to think of a quilt stitch that looked more boyish than they feather stitch I've been doing a lot of lately.  I decided to use the pebble stitch.
 I wasn't thrilled with my thread color choice.  The store where I buy my quilting thread doesn't have a lot of brighter colors.  I ended up using white.  I like it on the main portion, but not really on the turquoise fabric.  Oh well.....it looks good overall.  I got online and found a place to order the thread for about the same price.  They have over 70 colors.  Ya....definitely going to expand my thread collection.
 I've been picking up some flannel remnants at JoAnns lately. I also used some scraps of flannel I've had hanging around.  I've made these before, but couldn't find the blog that has the tutorial, so I just gave it a try.  I cut the flannel 
10 x 18 inches.  I bought some towel fabric with my JoAnns coupons.  I cut the towel the same measurement. 
 I traced around the bottom of a cone of thread to round the corners.  (sew first then trim)
 Pin the towel to the flannel, right sides together.  Sew all around leaving about a 2 inch opening to turn.  Trim the corners and clip a few times. Turn inside out and pin again.  Start at the opening and sew close to edge  through the opening and then angle the stitching out and topstitch all around using a 1/4 inch seam.   

 I press them with an iron and then fold into thirds.  I like putting them in a 3-pack.  I took some scraps of white fabric and cut it 3 inches wide.  I put 2 pieces together and surged the long edges.  Then I folded it under and topstiched.  I added ribbon and rick-rack (love my rick-rack stash!).  I placed it around the bundle of burp cloths, marked where to sew both ends together, sewed that seam and trimmed.  It should fit snug.  
 Wa-laa.  Cute, quick and inexpensive baby gift!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Hope you're all doing good. It's been awhile. pam