Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quilt Show

 For the Fiesta Days Celebration the local quilting bee hosts a quilt show.  It's located at the Pioneer Park on Main Street.  They display the quilts so cute, on an old buggy, barns, fences, and porch.  There's a $75 prize for 1st place and $50 for 2nd.  It's a people's choice award with a ballot box to vote.
 I got brave and decided to enter a couple of my quilts this year, a first for me!  After the parade we walked over to the quilt show.  I was a little nervous when I saw my Skull Quilt peeking out through the trees.  I wasn't sure how this one would be received hanging alongside the more traditional quilts.
 I stood back and watched for a bit.  A lot of people noticed the skulls and then passed by quickly.  Some teenagers loved it and took note of the quilt number so they could vote for it.  
 I found my Row Along Quilt hanging in the back of the house.  I have to say this is my all-time favorite quilt.   
 I didn't win, but it was fun experience.


Nann said...

It was such a fun surprise to see your quilts! Mom, Tracy, and I voted for you!


Lavada said...

I would have voted too had I been there! Next time I come I need to plan it around a quilt show. Pat would hate it but I'm sure He'll be okay taking a nap.