Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fiesta Days Parade

 We moved to Spanish Fork last year.  They celebrate Fiesta Days on July 24th with a parade, rodeo, carnival, fireworks, etc.  This year we attended for the first time with our kids.  We had the grandkids sleep over the night before.  We got up early to attend the pancake breakfast, but no one showed up to cook the we got McDonalds breakfast!  Love how it started out with the flags presented by riders on horseback.
 This float of young beauty queens was so cute.  So much enthusiasm, big smiles and big waves.
 Stripling warriors -- only in Utah! 

 Rodeo Queens.
 Love the bagpipes!  
 This was my favorite float from a little town to the south of us, Salem.  That fish was so sparkly and beautiful in the sun.

 You know you live in a small town when there are lots of tractors!

 Lots and lots of tractors!  (I didn't even take pictures of all of them)
 This will definitely be a new tradition for our family.  We're all looking forward to next year and hopefully will be able to attend the rodeo too.  Can't wait!

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