Thursday, July 3, 2008

No camping this weekend

Thought I would post a picture of my dogs. Molly is the white cockapoo and Max is the Toy Poodle. They look kinda shaggy -- time to get them in to be groomed. Molly lays on the floor in front of the cooler vents all summer long. I think she is in "dogopause' with hot flashes since we had her fixed!! Max on the other hand hides under our bed because he freezes. Max has seizures, which still kinda freaks us out when they happen. They are both sooo spoiled.

We had plans to go camping this weekend. I was getting excited to get out of town. Our truck, however, is not cooperating. It's having major engine problems and is in the shop right now, so guess we'll try again in a few weeks. Thank goodness it's under warranty! On the 4th my youngest, Jaycee, is going to The Stadium of Fire with my sisiter and nieces. She is so excited since Miley Cyrus is going to be there this year. Me, well I owe my sister big time!! I am content to sit at home that night away from all the crowds and noise.
Now, for the funny of the day. I was watching the news last night and they said that watermelons have something in them called citrulline that has a similar effect to Viagra. They are going try and develop some watermelons that have higher contents of citrulline. Great, I can see the ads already for those "firm melons." I want to know who thinks of these studies and who pays for them??

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jamie said...

I can imagine how the study went down maybe something like this....

doctor to test subject- Eat this firm large melon and tell us how you feel.

Test subjects thought ( ha ha, he said melon....boobs...big boobs)

I think it might work work with any food, they just make up some chemical to cover for themselves.