Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

We are getting our first real snowstorm of the season. According to the news we will get 6 inches tonight -- but who knows for sure. It's nice to have for Christmas if it stays around that long.

It's been a little busy around here getting ready for Christmas and a wedding. I thought I was doing so good and was organized and getting things done. I still don't have an outfit to wear to the reception. A little bit of panic mode is setting in. I even took a day off last week and still didn't get around to shopping for one.

We tended my oldest son's 2 kids last night. It's the first time we have watched Jayda (16 months). She did really good -- but she would not give in and go to sleep for us (midnight!!). They said she slept in today to make up for it. Brandon (7) stayed up late too. He played video games with Jaycee most of the night.

My picture on my blog was taken when Jayda was a baby. I found it the other day and thought it showed what I love to do -- hold my grandbabies!


Dena said...

Whenever I think of snow for Christmas I think of Gary. I think he loves having a white Christmas more than anyone else I know!

Nedra said...

We were just in Cedar City tonight for a basketball game and when we came out we had 6 inches of snow on our car. The freeway was closed heading from St. George to Cedar. And I'm jealous those grandbabies live close enough to kiss on. Lucky you!