Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baaakk, baaakk

I'm giving a chicken update with this post. It's really been a fun family hobby for us. Who knew we would enjoy going out to the chicken house to feed and water them. We usually spend a half hour or so just watching and playing with them.

The 2 black ones should start laying eggs within a month. Can't wait for that! We let them out into the yard for a bit when we are in the garden. Sometimes it takes a bit to round them up and get them back in the hen house.
Grandpa and Jayda. She wasn't so sure she liked the chickens so close to her. They love to sit on his lap. He usually has 3-4 at a time on him. For some reason they don't do that for me. . .I guess they don't like me much!
We're pretty sure that one of the brown ones is a rooster. . .not what we wanted. He was supposed to be female but it is very suspicious that he is not! His comb is big and red, and his feet and legs are huge!
The white ones are the same age as the brown ones but a lot smaller. Must be a smaller breed -- but hopefully they will be good layers.

Jayda is so cute when she says baakk, baakk.

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Nedra said...

How fun to have your grand daughter have such wonderful memories with her grandpa. I might be a little afraid too. Do they peck?