Friday, August 14, 2009

County Fair

We went to the Utah County Fair tonight in Spanish Fork. It was a blast!! I read about it in the newspaper, so we thought we'd take a night and go. I think this is only the 2nd year they've held the fair here.
There were some quilts on display, not as many as I expected. got me thinking about doing one next year and entering.
We really went for the animals. It was kinda stinky in the barns, but worth it. This cow made us laugh. He had his head in the barrel eating away -- to lazy to even stand up.The sheep looked good all shaved -- such pretty colors.
I love these two with black heads and legs.
Of course we had to check out the chickens.
We called this one Cruella deville.

Then on to the pigs -- really stinky -- but cute nonetheless. These are all the 4-H pigs.
It must have been nap time. They just laid there snoozing and grunting.

The baby goats were so cute. I wish they would have turned around so I could get their faces.

I fell in love with the Alpacas. The faces are so adorable, and their necks are soooo long.
This one had the coolest looking spots.

Gary and I have often wished we had raised our kids in a small farm town. They could have been bull riders and rodeo queens! We have had a couple of horses over the years and now the chickens, but living on a real farm would have been fun.
One of these days I'll get back to quilting. But for now I've been enjoying the summer and a night out with the family.


Nedra said...

You went for the animals and not the quilts? You truly are a farm girl at heart!

Lavada said...

I think the pigs were trying to let you know that while we find them very interesting, they find us to be very boring. Might as well nap!

Love the quilts! Always my favorites. Took Tessa last year to the Mid-South Fair. We loved it. (although the man dressed at a chipmunk scared her) That was the last year for the fair to be held in Memphis. They've moved it to Mississippi.

Micki said...

I would have loved that fair too. It is wonderful to see the quilts, but the pigs were priceless.
Loved your blog!

jamie said...

I always wanted to be a rodeo queen, I look good in sequins :) we for sure could have been a farm family. I think you guys need to get a baby goat, so cute.