Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This post is dedicated to my sister, Nann, a breast cancer survivor! I remember sitting in the waiting room in October a couple years ago with my sister, Tracy, while Nann had her surgery. There were pink reminders in the hospital gift shop that it was breast cancer awareness month, so now every time I see that pink ribbon it takes me back to that day. She had radiation therapy after her surgery. I pray that it NEVER, EVER comes back.

Just a reminder to all the women out there to be sure to get your mammograms!


Nedra said...

I think we all have had family members who have suffered from Breast Cancer. Two of my SIL's survived, although one has since passed. Thanks for the reminder.

Nanna said...

Thank you for all your support. Not just sitting in the hospital, but all the little things you have done for me since. It has been two years, and there are still reminders (like a mammo every 6 months) and follow up visits for three more years. But, it is because of support from you and my family that I am here!!

I especially rely on your children to help me and so appreciate you and all they do for me!


Myra said...

A great post! One that a lot of us can relate to with someone in the family/friends circle...

Remember to do your self breast examinations too ladies!

Micki said...

A great post and such an important one!