Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Bowling Party!

We had Gary's Family Christmas party tonight. His parent's planned a bowling party this year....and it was a blast!! This is Poppa helping the grandkids bowl.

Jayda got so excited every time she bowled....didn't even matter what her score was. She was so cute. Brandon did really good bowling without the bumpers.

This is a little ramp that the kids used. We put the ball on top and then they would roll it off. (I think I'll try that next time we go!) Gary and Jamie comparing scores......or something? Funny picture of them.

It was fun watching everyone bowl and visiting. We took turns holding (and loving) the little ones. We had pizzas and drinks to munch on while we bowled.
Jayce and Jayda. Jack and Eden...can you tell they are siblings? I hope they always get along this good.
Jodi giving me a cheesy grin.
I haven't bowled since high school and so I didn't bowl tonight...but Gary said he'll take our family bowling after Christmas and teach me how. He was practically raised in a bowling alley since his parent's owned one when he was younger. He spent every weekend there helping out. My in-laws are excellent bowlers. It was amazing to watch them bowl tonight.
I hope we do it again next year. One of the funnest family parties I've ever been to!


Nedra said...

This is the first I've ever heard of a family bowling for their Christmas party. How fun! I bet everyone loved it!

jamie said...

It was fun! My hair look weird though, time for something new I think! Cute pic of eden and jack!

Myra said...

What a wonderful activity for all!! Looks like everyone had a great time! Good for all of you! 8-)