Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast...mmmmm!

This is what I call "Hippie Bread" because the wrapper reminds me of the 1960's Love & Peace era. It's really good old fashioned white bread...the kind where each slice weighs a pound!

Lightly toasted and slathered with real butter (didn't say this was low-cal).

Bacon fried up in a pan. Have to blame this on Eden. She slept over last night and wanted Poppa to make her bacon for breakfast.
Then real fresh eggs. Went out and gathered 3 of them this morning from the hen house. Doesn't get any fresher than that!


Myra said...

Mmmmm.... Yum! 8-)

Lavada said...

Fried up some bacon myself, only mine was served on top of potatoe and corn chowder. While our winter storm was nothing compared to your daily weather, it was perfect for potato soup with bacon.

Nedra said...

Do you know I've never had farm fresh eggs? A deprived live, I know.

jamie said...

Bubble eggs, toast and bacon a perfect breakfast mmmmm yummy