Sunday, August 1, 2010



I got my butterfly quilt quilted, bound and hung up this weekend….yippee!!  It feels so good to finish a project.  I used scraps for mine, even the bodies are all different fabrics.  It looks so good in the entry way.  Bright butterfly wings for August.

DSCN4053Unhappy baby!  Katelynn hardly ever cries, so I had to take a picture when she was.  Love her cute dress!

DSCN4057Fed, dry bottom, and talking to Poppa!  She is 2 months old today and such an active baby for her age.  She loves to be talked to.   She smiles and talks back.  Have I mentioned how much I love babies?

DSCN4061It’s been so hot and humid this week.  We have a swamp cooler which makes it 100 times more humid….argg!  It feels like a sauna by afternoon.  Tonight it got cloudy and the sky turned yellow.  The clouds were so pretty….I just knew it would pour down a nice, cool rainstorm.  Nope!  Just a few drops of rain and more humidity.   


Gari said...

That quilt is so nice and bright: love it. I like something that brightens up the first sight coming into a house.

Guess the baby didn't like it so much. lol

And here is SO AL, I feel your pain regarding the heat and humidity.

Lavada said...

Move to Memphis! Then you will know humidity. Only in winter can I promise relief.

Love the quilt.

Jandi said...

I remember when we used to have a swamp cooler. It made even our dry summers feel humid.

She looks so cute (and the quilt is pretty darn great too)!

Myra said...

Your quilt looks wonderful Carrie! Great job!
Katelynn is adorable, even when she is crying!!! lol! 8-)