Thursday, August 5, 2010

Enjoying the rain....

We had lightening and thunder last night, and some pretty good rain showers.  It continued through the morning today.  I didn't have to turn on the swamp cooler (humidity machine) until noon.  More thunder and lightening tonight.  I LOVE rainy weather.  I think the smell of rain is one of my favorite smells. 

I ran up to Sam's this afternoon to get a few blood pressure medication being on the top of the list.  (Is it true that stress raises your blood pressure?  Better keep taking those pills!)  Shampoo/conditioner, lettuce, celery, rolls, and a roasted chicken to make chicken salad for dinner.  I could have filled my cart to the top with things that looked good or that I wanted.....sigh.....someday.

Gary was gone all day.  It was weird not having him around.  I've gotten used to him being here...bringing me breakfast while I work.  I even had to do a load of laundry myself! 

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