Friday, August 6, 2010

This Is The Place


Last week Gary, Jaycee, and I spent the day in Salt Lake City at the “This Is The Place” state park. 

DSCN3946This row of handcarts made me thankful for the pioneers.  I don’t think I could have put my belongings in one and  then walked all those miles.

DSCN3965There are lots of cabins you walk through.  It’s fun to see the old furniture.  DSCN4016 We had to explain what a camber pot was to Jaycee.  I think she was shocked!  I don’t think I would want to go outside in the middle of the night to take care of business. ..especially in the cold weather.DSCN4009Of course I was interested in the sewing machine and old quilts.

DSCN4020DSCN3986  DSCN4012


Jars of buttons on the wind0wsill.DSCN3956

Their beds don’t look that comfortable.  They would tie ropes on the bed frame.  The mattresses were stuffed with straw.  And they were small, not even full size.  (yes I love my king size mattress).


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Myra said...

Great photos Carrie! I'd love visiting a place as such!
Small beds indeed!! I love my king sized bed too...