Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Fabric Flowers

It's an addiction.  I can't stop making them.  I've got 20 or so headbands made, and more waiting to be done.  I'm going to take some to my nieces tomorrow.  School starts soon and I'm sure they could use some to accessorize their cute new school clothes.  I might even get brave and wear one in my hair.  They look cute with my haircut....but I feel like an old lady trying to be young!
The sparkly fabric is really cute, but I end up with sparkles all over me, the ironing board, and the kitchen table.
Some samples of new fabric came in the mail today to Gary's store.  It's a Utah company who did scrapbook supplies and are now branching out into fabric.  I'm impressed with the samples.  Can't wait to see their next creation.
Love the Owl fabric!
 I'm thinking about what pattern would be good to make a baby quilt. 
I had to work a few hours today since I took Thursday afternoon off for my Aunt Jean's funeral (Mom's sister).  Made me feel sad that at the end of her life I learned more about her from the talks at her funeral.  I learned things about my Mom too!  She doesn't talk much about her childhood, but my Dad is the storyteller!  I was shocked to see that my cousins had gray hair and wrinkles.  Where did time go?  Came home and looked in the mirror and laughed at myself.  Yes, I have gray hair and wrinkles too.  (Thank goodness for hair dye and moisturizers.)


Micki said...

The flowers are incredible!
They really look real!

Me said...

you could always mail some my way;)

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

I really, really want to get some of these flowers from you! I LOVE them and I am always looking for cute headbands for my boring hair! Let's get together soon so I can buy some from you. Deal?

Myra said...

Awesome flowers Carrie! Too cute! I shall have to try burning my fingers too! lol! 8-)
Darling fabrics... There are soooo many baby quilt patterns out there, it is hard to choose...
Funny how we notice aging on those we haven't seen in a while, but not on ourselves unless we really look for it... 8-)
Sorry about the loss of your aunt...