Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Camping Trip

 We left after Jon and I got off work on Saturday for a quick trip to the Sand Dunes.  We've been trying to get away for weeks...and finally did. My birthday was Sunday and that's how I wanted to spend the day.  When we got down there the wind was blowing.  We decided to stick it out and put up the tents in the wind. Bekka had a horrible migraine but didn't want to go home.  Not starting out as a good trip.  No that is not snow in the's the sand in the air.
 I slept so good.  I think the sound of the wind whipping the tent around must have lulled me to sleep.  Didn't even mind the air mattress on the ground. 
 We had an easy breakfast of bagels and cereal.  The wind had stopped.
 Only to start again and not stop.  Not one bit.  You could feel the grains of sand hitting your face.  If you looked up at the sky you could see waves of sand blowing over your head.  I think we sparkled like Edward with the sand stuck to our skin.
 Jon and Bekka tried riding on the dunes but the sand was too soft.  Made it way to scary and easy to roll down the dunes.
 They took their sand paddles off and put on their mountain tires and we rode around the trails on the outside of the dunes.  I was going up a sandy hill and sunk my machine in the sand.  My heart was going 90 miles an hour because I thought I was going to roll.  My instinct was to get off fast, but I leaned into it and stayed then until Jon helped me get unstuck.   He told me later that one front tire was a foot off the ground.  Yikes! A little later Jaycee got her machine buried in the sand too.  Gary had her put it in 4-wheel and give it a little gas.  Oops!  His face to too close to the tire and he got hit with sand from the tire. 
 I learned something new.  Sand plus camera is no good.  I ruined my camera.  The lens is stuck partway out. 
 I can't survive without a camera.  Gary told me to go buy a new one today for my birthday.  I got the same one...just a newer model.  Love it! 

One good thing about the some free dermabrasion.  That wind never gave up!  I think I look 10 years younger...ha ha!

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Gari said...

Not bad, to have a birthday and come out 10 years younger. I need to do that.