Saturday, February 26, 2011

I believe that......

 Chocolate Chip Cookies should be taken out of the oven 2 minutes before they are done.  Warm, soft gooeyness.  I know that isn't a word, but it should be.  My mom is a crunchy person.  She loves her toast crunchy and her cookies crunchy.  I grew up with those crunchy cookies.  So good when they were dunked in a cup of cold milk.  I think I love gooey, soft cookies as much as she loves crunchy ones.
 This was the main topic of our week.  Jaycee had a cake decorating contest at school for FFA (Future Farmers of America).  She planned it out on paper for weeks.  
She's loves to watch Cake Boss on TV and decided to try a fondant cake.  She covered both layers in fondant and made brown belts to go around each layer.   She did it all herself.  Really.  We offered suggestions, but the work was all hers.  I'm proud of her cake.
 Here's a close up of the belt buckle.
 She made the hay bales out of Rice Krispy Treats.  We went shopping for all of the supplies last Monday.  To 5 stores.  Exhausting.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a bag of plastic farm animals and a cowboy?  Fondant too.  In multiple colors.  She stayed home from school on Tuesday and made the cake.  I know what your're thinking....bad mom.  Really the truth is I'm just tired and it was easier than staying up until 1 a.m. Tuesday night.  She finished it around 10 p.m., so we might have been up all night if she had gone to school.
 I also believe that this is the last big storm of the winter.  It was a shock to wake up to so much.  Guess I really didn't believe the weatherman's predictions.  
 I had to get one last shot of the snow in the trees.  Before I know it there will be bright green leaves and birds on the branches.
And grandkids swinging and laughing.


Rachelle said...

ok, now i want a chocolate chip cookie. :) that cake is amazing! and your pictures of the snow are beautiful. i hope it is the last snow...i need some spring!

Nann said...

JayCee's Cake is terrific. I am so excited for her. I hope she at least got a good grade. Amen to the end of the snow. At least it had melted by the time I braved the shovel (procrastination was good for a change).

Micki said...

The cookies look wonderful,and thank God that is your last snow.