Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Squeeze

 Katelynn came to visit today.  She likes to play on these bars in the front room.  I usually go on the other side and she giggles as we poke each other through the bars.  Today she decided that she would squeeze through the bars.  She tried so hard to fit....just couldn't understand why the rest of her body wouldn't follow her legs and arms to the other side.
It made her really mad.   
 I opened the baby gate and she headed right down the stairs....with no fear at all.  
 And she got really mad at us again when we wouldn't let her go down the stairs on her own.  I had to laugh at her temper.  
 Bought this egg coloring kit this year.  The eggs on the box look cool.  A little more fun that just plain colored eggs.
 One problem. It's not as easy as they look on the box.  The special glue and foil paper really didn't work.
 After many tries I finally got some eggs to look okay.
 Jaycee used super glue and that worked really good.

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