Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Ducky.........

These are the 2 newest additions to our home, Payton and Marley.  I can't believe we've added more animals.  I know we have the space for them, but it really takes a lot of work every day to keep them fed, watered, and cared for.  I blame it on Jaycee.  She really wanted 2 ducks and said she would take care of them.  Every day after school she lets them swim and then walks them around the back yard until they are tired.  They run after her.....funny waddling ducks!
 The all black one is a Cayuga duck and the one on the right is a Mallard.  We have no idea if the Cayuga is male or female yet.  We think the Mallard is a female because her head isn't turning green head yet like the males do.  In researching the ducks I tried to find out what her crazy hair-do is.  In ducks they call this a crest.  One site said a crested Mallard happens one in a million.  Crazy!  
These ducks would be lost without each other.  The black one follows the Mallard everywhere.  When they were tiny she couldn't move without the black one following her.  Now I see why they tell you never to get only one duck.  


Nann said...

I need to come and see them now. From the pix they have really grown a lot.

Me said...

i want a duck. do they act like guard dogs? love the hawk crest!