Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Ride

 Gary took me on a ride Saturday. We've been waiting for a warm day to get out. was a sunny day.  Got a bad sunburn on my red and sore.  I wanted to get a little sun, so thought I'd wait a bit to put sunscreen on.  Then I was having so much fun I totally forgot about it.    
 It was a muddy, snowy ride.  I love this kind of riding!  It's a blast because it gets the adrenaline pumping through you.  There were tons of trees down over the road.  Most of them were partially removed so that you could go around them.  Sometimes you had to go off the road and around the tree, which got a little scary for me in a couple of places.  I don't mind going downhill if it's steep.  But steep, slanted uphill is another thing.  I got off 3 times and had Gary drive my machine up a part of the trail.  

We stopped here and ate lunch on these logs.
We shared a sandwich and chips.  Yum!  I teased Gary that it was such a romantic Mother's Day lunch.  Seriously....I can't think of a better way to celebrate.  A day out with him.
The river is pretty high and muddy.  Still lots of snow up higher to come down.
There were lots of places along the trail where the run off was still coming down the mountain to the river.

We drove over a lot of trees on the way.  I wanted to stop and get pictures on the way down, but there were people coming behind us so I couldn't stop.  It was fun to put it in 4-wheel and go over them.  It smelled like Christmas.....pine branches popping and cracking.


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Sounds like a great Mother's Day Carrie!! 8-)