Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making time for binding

This is a flannel panel I bought.  I added a blue border to it to make it bigger.  I quilted it up fast, but it has been waiting for me to bind for a few weeks.  I used to love to bind quilts while I watched TV.  That was before I got my new cell phone.  It has too many fun games and the internet.  It's a real time sucker.  I need to get in control of my life again.  I ignore Gary....too busy winning at solitaire and Farkle.  Completely absorbed in a game of Mahjong (Thanks Dad for getting me hooked on that one!).  I stare at my little phone screen until my vision goes blurry.  My goal this week is to put the phone down and go to my sewing room and sew a few quilt blocks or machine quilt.  I'd love to have a fun post about quilting!     

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