Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orange Stars.....and all things must come to an end.

 I bought this kit a few months ago.  It uses the Buggy Barn pattern for stars.  I love the oranges, browns, and blues in the fabrics. 
 Not so crazy about the way I quilted it, but oh well. I did the pebble stitch and then a swirl down the points of the stars.  I think the quilting takes away from the pattern in the fabric.
 I used an orange Minkey on the back. 
 I've been doing lots of doodling for days.  I'm trying to add some more freehand designs to my quilting.  My quilting hero is Judi at Green Fairy Quilts.  I absolutely love her quilting.  I would love to be half as good as her.  I drool over her gorgeous quilting.  I'm hoping Judi publlishes a book on machine quilting some day.  I'd love to learn her techniques. 

 Well......this doodling is my at sad attempt at trying to improve my skills.
I'm going to put on some flannel tonight and try my doodles with the machine.  Crossing my fingers that it goes well.  I'm gettin tired of doing the same designs on quilts. 

And now to the end.  We lost one of our chickens this week.  For the last year and half this white chicken has given us an egg almost every day.  She got sick.  We searched the internet for clues and figured out that she was egg-bound.  A remedy was to put on a glove and lube her vent with Vaseline in hopes that would help the egg slide out.  Jaycee held her while I put on the glove and.....well it wasn't something I want to ever have to do again.  (Who knew that you had to be a chicken gynecologist when you own chickens?)  She was better the next day but still no egg.  Then she got worse.  Gary says she's happy in the big chicken coop in the sky. 

Another "end" in our lives is the end of our home phone.  We've had our phone number for almost 30 years.  It was a unique number because the first 3 numbers were 373, which were a Provo prefix back in the day, and the last 4 digits were the first four letters of our last name.  I was so sad to let it go....but we decided to go with just cell phones now.  Besides telemarkers the phone rarely rang.  Everyone called our cell phones or texted us.  So, we got new cell phones (didn't like the quality of Cricket) and new numbers. 


Nann said...

I love your doodles and they look great to me. I am so sorry about the chicken. I know poor JayCee loved each one as you did.

Gari said...

Your doodles look great. I have found that my doodles never look as good as the quilting does so I don't get too discouraged.