Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dragonflies and Butterflies

 We went up SF Canyon/Thistle for a ride early Saturday morning.  There were so many butterflies...beautiful colors.  Every time I would stop to try and get a picture they would fly off or end up not in the picture.  It was fun to see them fluttering around.  We also saw these bright blue dragonflies.  Got lucky and captured a picture of this one when it landed.  There were lots of bugs flying around and hitting our faces.  I forgot the #1 rule of riding and left my mouth open.  I caught a BIG, FUZZY bug in my mouth.  Gross!  I spit that out in a hurry.
 the colors were usual.  It had rained pretty hard either that morning or the night before and there were lots of muddy puddles.  Gary said I'm just like a kid playing in them.  I just love riding through them and getting splashed on. 
 This the drop off at the reservoir.  I walked down and looked off the edge once.  That was enough.  I'm scared of not something I want to do again.  
 Gary went down and took this picture for me.  This is the pipe that sticks out and then the valley below.  He kept getting close to the edge when he was taking the picture.  Made me so nervous.  I think the end of the pipe looks like a little man sitting there.  

 We went with Gary's parents.  Here's his dad.  They got a side by side this year and have been going on lots of rides.  They have some friends who ride with them.  I'm glad we finally got a chance to go out with them.  The ride up to Smith Reservoir was really rough, rocky, and muddy.  Their machine did awesome.  Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.  We all had to use it to get up and back. 
 Here they are coming back across the river.  Gary and I took their machine for a quick ride up the road and back.  It's a nice ride.  I think its great the they have a new hobby to enjoy...especially since it's one we can do with them.  
 Gary and I had plans to go to Las Vegas this weekend for my aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary.  We ended up not being able to go at the last minute so I was feeling bad.  I really wanted to go and visit with all my relatives.  Getting out for a ride made it a little better.  I'm sure it was a lot cooler than the Vegas heat would have been.  

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for you this weekend!! Sure fun seeing everyone but playing hostess kept me too busy to visit long as I'd like to..Pam