Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shaved Ice Queen

 We had a little family yard sale today.  Eden set up her shaved ice table.  She was so cute!  She made about $8 and was so excited.  They tasted good and helped us get through the hot day.
 Here she is...taste testing the flavors.
 Jack lost his pants. Again.  He's so tall and thin that most of his pants won't stay up. have that problem myself.  Well not the losing your pants part.  I'd take the tall and thin anyday :)
 Katelynn and Jack found some drinks.  Thank goodness they were almost empty so they didn't get too much sugar or caffeine.  
 Jack had a blast diving through the piles of clothes.  He didn't care if people were looking at them.  He just dove in and plowed through the clothes.  Maybe he did get too much caffeine.
This little lady found Aunt Bekkah's hot pink high heels.  She wanted to buy them.  Just had to try them on first.  She was determined to make them work.  It was funny to watch her waking in them.  She's definitely all girl.  She loves purses too.  She tries to put every purse she sees on her arm and then walk....even if the purse is bigger than she is.
  Katelynn took Jack's hand and tried to figure out how to hold hands with him.  Being the the gentleman that he is, he held hands with her and walked her around for awhile.  These 2 cousins get along like brother and sister.  They even fight like brother and sister.  I hope they go to the same school someday like my kids did with their cousins.   
Our yard sale went really good.  It was well worth our time and we got some closets and the storage room looking less cluttered.  I'm always amazed at what people will buy.  Junk that we almost throw out instead of taking it to the yard sale.  Crazy!  I'm worn out tonight.  Makes me thankful my job isn't out in the sun every day.

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