Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching up.......

 Life has been crazy....and it will probably get worse.  I had a little meltdown last night.  Just feeling overwhelmed with life.  I'm better this morning.  I had a couple of free hours so I gathered up some quilt magazines (or quilter's porn as my husband calls them) and spent some time catching up on new trends in the quilting world.  I found a few projects to put on my wish list.  
 Jared came by last week one night after work to put the crown up in my sewing room.  Here's the before picture and the after pics. I love how it looks!  Thanks Jared and Jon!
 This really is my favorite room in the house....truly a bit of heaven to spend some time in here.  
 And's a helpful hint.  We had a mouse last year and put down these sticky traps to help catch it.  We caught the mouse in a trap, but left these sticky traps in the downstairs rooms.  I noticed that they catch SPIDERS...yes kills those icky pests.  So if you're a spider hater you might want to try them.  I just put some new ones down in my office and sewing room.
P.S.  If you have dogs or little ones, be sure to put the sticky traps where they can't get to them.  Max had one stuck on his paw last year.  Took a lot of pulling and cutting fur to get it off!

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Rachelle said...

your sewing room looks amazing! love the crown molding. as for meltdowns, i'm right there with you. i seem to be the meltdown queen lately. just wanted to say hi and tell you how wonderful i think you are! hope you have a great day. i think it's cool that you took some time for yourself and read some quilting magazines.