Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jayda Bug's Birthday

 Another birthday!  We seem to have more and more as the family keeps growing.  This is Miss Jayda who turned 4.  She's a real princess...anything pink, frilly, bracelets, Barbie!  Jared and Lara Leigh had a family BBQ.  It was a fun night.
 I was entertained by watching the kids with the cat.  She helped herself to a little Kool-Aid while Jack watched.
The girls kept feeding her chocolate mint ice cream.  She kept eating and eating.  All I could think is hope she doesn't throw that up later in the house.....Yikes.  Oh well...not my cat!

This has been a busy week....and month for that matter.  Only 12 or so days until Jaycee goes back to school.  I still need to take her school shopping.  I'm hoping she'll still wear some of her clothes from last year.  How did I do it when all 5 kids were at home?  Maybe I was younger and had more energy?  I think it will be good to have some "order" to the day again and that she'll start going to bed earlier.    

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Lavada said...

She still has 12 days before school? Tessa started Aug. 3rd in Kentucky, and Claire started on 9th! Lucky Jaycee!