Friday, September 30, 2011

Only at Grandma's........

 Can you write on the dining room floor with markers....and not get in trouble.
 We pulled up the carpet in the front room and the old wood floor in the kitchen and dining room so we could put down a new wood floor.  I forgot about the white linoleum that I hated so much under the wood.  The grandkids had blast writing all over the floor before we covered it up with the new wood.  I think they weren't sure at first....thought they might get in trouble.  But then there was no stopping the fun.  
 The adults had to get in on the action too.  
 The art work ranged from scribbles to silly!
 and even a scary drawing by John.
I may be in trouble if they go home and draw on their mom's floors.

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Myra said...

A free for all dive in and draw! Woohoo!! These kinds of activities are usually once in a lifetime, and the fun will be remembered for a long time! Fun stuff!!