Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Fall Ride

Last Saturday we went up Spanish Fork Canyon and rode up to Starvation Canyon.  I've never been's really a pretty ride.  We went with Gary's parents and his brother again.
We stopped at this fork in the road so my father-in-law could look at his map.  It was a beautiful day for a ride!
There wasn't much red up this canyon, but the greens and yellows were so pretty.
We stopped at a campground for lunch.  I got so EXCITED to see this much better than a bush or tree.  

Gary and Dave.  I'm not sure what kind of machine Dave has, but it goes everywhere!  Pretty sure I'm too chicken to ride in it.
Some dark clouds came over us and gave us a little rain, not bad.  I thought about getting my rain poncho out, but then it quit.  Yay!
I thought these were rocks on the hillside.  (Yes, I need to get an eye exam.)  Tons of sheep everywhere enjoying an afternoon nap.  We did see 1 black sheep.....haha!
There were lots of beaver dams in this stream.  Wish we could have seen some beavers.  Maybe next time.
There's part of the trail that is switchbacks.  Really fun to ride.  I should have stopped or a picture.  This is on top of the hill looking back down at a sheep camp.  There are days that I think it would be nice to be out there in the mountains in a simple camp with no phone.
This was really a great ride, one that will be on the list of favorites.  I think we went 36 miles this time.  I love that we can get out and see more of Utah.  

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Myra said...

Another awesome day on the trails! Wow! Beautiful scenery this time of year!! Thanks for sharing Carrie! 8-)