Friday, January 6, 2012

Black and Red Baby Quilt

 I put this top together a while back.  My friend's daughter is having a baby boy this month and loves black and red.  So glad I had the top done and could quilt it up real fast in time for the baby shower.  
 I saw a post here and thought it was a good idea for Jaycee to make to give her friends for Christmas.  We had a hard time finding the clear glycerin.  We found ours at Michaels, but it wasn't as clear as I hoped.  Next time I would probably order some on line.  The fish are from 
Oriental Trading.  
 I think it would be a cute idea for a kids birthday party too.  Jaycee and I are pros at doing them now...haha!!  They worked better if you didn't fill the bag too full.  She made tags that said 
"Merry Fishmas" 

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