Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Word Goal for 2012

A week ago my friend from work challenged me to find a one-word goal for 2012.  One word?  That's quite a challenge to find just one word to sum up a year.  I searched the internet hoping to find some inspiration.  There are lots of words that would be a good goal for the year:

Balance, kindness, commitment, priorities, dream, succeed, focus, opportunity, grow, organization, joy, hope, love, nurture, comfort, fearless, acceptance.  

While all good goals...none of them really set off a spark in me.  I thought "dream" was too fluffy of a goal.  Really need something with some grit in it this year.  Balance?  Well not sure if I can find balance in life right now.  

Then I finally stumbled on the just felt right.  Determination.  

de-ter-mi-na-tion (noun):

  • The act of deciding definitely and firmly; also the result of such a decision.
  • Firm and fixed intention to achieve a desired end.

Synonyms of determination:  Firmess of mind, purpose, resoluteness, self-confidence, purposefulness, bravery, fearless, willpower, spunk, stamina, perseverance, steadfastness, fortitude, and tenacity.

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Me said...

well you have the spunk! you are off to a great start