Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazingly Easy New Quilt Block

My sister, Nann, found this quilt block on a couple of blogs from the UK.  (I'll see if I can find the links to those blogs.) She figured out how to do it and the measurements for a 9-inch and a 10-inch block.  She did the 10-inch so you could use layer cakes.'s my attempt at explaining the 9-inch.  This will make 2 blocks when you are done.  You take two 9-inch squares of contrasting fabrics.  Put them right sides together and draw a line from corner to corner diagonally.  Then measure from that center line 2-1/4 inches on both sides and draw a line. 
 Then sew 1/4-inch seam on both sides of the three lines.  It should look like the photo below when you are done.
 Then cut on the three lines that you drew on the fabric.  You will have four pieces as below.
 Open the two corner pieces and press with iron.  Then square them up to 4-1/2 inches.
 Then from each strip of fabric you cut five 2-1/2 half-square triangles, five for each block.  The piece of fabric has a seam on both sides, but don't let that confuse it did to me the first time I made one :)

 You will end up with 10 half square triangles, 5 for each block you are making.  Press these open.
 Lay five 2-1/2 inch squares out with your 4-1/2 inch square.  I sewed 2 together and put on the bottom of my 4-1/2 square.  Then I sewed the other 3 together for the side.
This will give you the 2 quilt blocks.  Repeat the above process so you end up with 4 block.  Then sew them together like the picture below.  I'm telling you it is sooooo fun and easy to make these quilt blocks.  I tried it with some scrap fabric.  I can imagine a quilt made with different fabrics for each block for a fun, scrappy quilt. 
Nann did a bunch of different block combinations out of this technique.  She taught it to her Quilt Guild last night.  I'm going to take pictures of them and post  in the next day or so.  You will be hooked on this fun block!!  I'll also get the measurements for doing the 10-inch block for layer cakes.  

This quilt block is just what I needed to get me going with quilting again.  A BIG THANKS to Nann for teaching it to me!!  

P.S.  I think Nann should start a blog with her creative ideas!


Me said...

Cool! Let's guilt Nann into it!

* said...

What a great idea. I have never seen this but am going to give it a go.

Nann said...

The original blog had you cut the squares into four pieces and then sew. I am lazy and thought why not sew first and then cut. It was so much easier.

I have the sample blocks, but there are more ideas you can try. We especially liked the block with STRIPEd fabric!

PS Hope your Birthday was fun!!