Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching Up

 I need to be better at blogging.  It's a diary of life.  So here's a few things to catch up.  My Mom had some Barbizon fabric.  It's from a company that used to sew nightgowns and things here in the area years ago.  It's the softest fabric ever.  Mom made some quilts for the grandkids from this fabric when they were little.  My kids love the quilts...even though they are getting kinda raggedy and worn out.  I'm not sure how they ended up with the quilts.  There's rumor of them being "borrowed" or "kidnapped" from each other.
 Mom gave me enough fabric to make a Queen/King size blanket for each of my 5 kids.  I got the first one done for Jamie.  It was supposed to be done on her birthday in July, but I just got it finished last week.  I like the way it turned out.  Hopefully it will last for years until one of her kids leaves home and "borrows" it from her.
 I have to show this beautiful cross stitch box.  One of Gary's co-workers was having trouble with his sewing machine.  I lent him my Bernina to try to see if he liked it.  (He did and ended up buying one.)  To say thinks he made me this box.  I love the colors Lucas used and how he personalized it with an R for my last name!!  I'm planning on using it to store my embroidery thread. 
 It's finally tomato season.  My friend brought me a bowl of them so I decided to make some fresh salsa.  Delish!!  I've been making bacon tomato sandwiches too.
 Finally, I have to share my latest addiction.  When I have a bad day I go to Macey's and buy a Lindor bar of chocolate and stick it in the freezer.  There is nothing like a couple of squares of this frozen treat to make me feel better.  I figured out if you stack 2 of them it"s 1 square inch of happiness!!

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