Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Couponing & Quilting

 Couponing -- is that even a word??  I've tried coupon shopping in the past and gave it up because it was too much work cutting out the coupons, checking ads, running to the stores, etc.  Well my friend, Becky, has me hooked again.  This is my latest haul from Rite-Aid.  It adds up to $47.88 at normal price without the sale price or coupons deducted.  I got it for $2.77 plus tax.  The tax was $2.16 so it was $4.93.  Not bad.  One of the Tide Pods was more than that.  Awesome!!  Not sure how long I can do this, though.  I still think  it's a lot of work.  Becky calls me a couple times a week to tell me the best deals at Rite-Aid so that saves my time going over the ads.  

My storage shelf in the closet is getting full of toiletry items.  My husband is probably thinking "We can wash our hair and wear deodorant for 2 years but there's no food in the house!" ha ha!!  I did take my coupons food shopping last week and we saved $7.00.  I need to try Walmart on their double coupon  Tuesday.
 I've found time to sew a few quilt blocks.  I mentioned in my last post that I'm using some fat quarters I've had for a long time.  I hope they all look good together in the finished top.  I feel kinda rusty at quilting.  Been a while since I've really been into it.
 This is Max and Katelynn.  She was napping when we tended her on Friday and Max laid there on the couch with her keeping guard.  I think he's really lonely with Molly gone and loves to have someone to snuggle with.
 He was licking Jayda's face and when she came over on Friday night.

Well that's my exciting week.  I don't think many people read my blog but I love having the online diary of my life.  It's fun to look back and see what we were doing and how much life has changed.  Too bad I'm not brave enough to give more details of life.  I tend to "sugar coat" details...but then maybe it's good to have a positive spin on things! 


Me said...

Dish it out! Cuz I am listening! With shipping to Vegas it would still be a good deal. You can be my coupon lady lol

Lavada said...

In the south there is a web site called Southern Savers that does the work for you. You should find out if there is a similar site for Utah. Otherwise I agree, it is too much work.

BTW--Mom would be so proud of your Rite-aid purchase.