Monday, October 15, 2012

Home for Halloween

  I love fall and Halloween.  I think I love it even more this year because I appreciate it more.  It's been a year of trials and change for our little family.  I feel like we have finally have to a place we can call home again.  I think often of the quote:  "The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."  I must admit some days it's easier to believe than other days.  But you know....I'm pretty darn sure when we get to heaven the question isn't how big our house was or what kind of car we drove, but what kind of person we were.
  There have been a lot of boxes to haul around.......pack and unpack.  The garage still looks like this, but we'll get to them all eventually.  We are going through them one at a time and getting rid of the stuff that isn't really important.  Making life more simple.  With one exception.....not getting rid of my fabric stash!!
 I finally got my sewing room set up.  That's the most important room, right?  The window gives me great light for sewing.  It's a good place to put my little laptop and blog away too.
 When I got home from work last night I stayed up and sewed one quilt block together.  I'm using some fat quarters I've had for years.  They're in the darker tones and perfect for a fall project.

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Nann said...

It looks so cute. I have stuff for Jaycee to decorate the lawn.