Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mittens Row

  I was off today so I had time to catch up on the Row Quilt.  So appropriate that this row is mittens since it's freezing here in Provo today.  It's currently 1 degree as I write this and it only got up to 16 degrees today....brrrrr!!  There's an inversion so we've had some pretty cold days and nights this past week.  A couple of nights ago the power went off in our neighborhood for about an hour and a half.  It was getting pretty cold by the time it finally came back on.  Anyway...back to the mittens.  It was fun to pick the fabric prints to use for them.  I did the American Jane fabrics but didn't get to the other fabric for the 2nd row quilt I'm doing.  Oh well.....tomorrow's another day.  
 I got the leaf rows done in both colorways last week.  It was a pretty fast one to do.  I think I have another week before she posts the next row since the holidays kept everyone busy.

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