Saturday, May 25, 2013

Future Farmer's Of America Quilt

This quilt started a year ago in my mind when Jaycee got an officer position in the FFA at Provo High.  I knew then that a fun cowboy quilt would be the perfect end of year thank you gift for her adviser/teacher.  As luck would have it, Jaycee was put in charge of the gift this year.  I made the cowboy boots and hats in March, which I documented in a previous post.  I really didn't get too serious about getting it made until the last couple of weeks {I know....procrastinating again}.  I made 10 signature blocks for all of the officers to sign a little note of thanks to their teacher. 
Then I took all the blocks and arranged them on the floor.  I tried different things and somehow it just came together. 
  Then I made this drawing and figured out how much to add to each row to make it 60 inches.  I sewed it all together and added a little border.  Then it was off to the quilt frames for a day and a half.  I finished binding it at 8:05 p.m. on Thursday night and the FFA banquet was Friday night at 6 p.m. I somehow fit in a 40 hour work week with this crazy last minute quilt finish.  Ta-daa!!
 Jaycee gave her farewell speech and did an amazing job.  The past 3 years in FFA have really been a wonderful experience.  It has given her confidence and helped her grow into a young woman.  She's enjoyed many trips to Denver and around the state with the FFA club.  What a great group of people to associate with.

   Here's a picture of her teacher getting his first look at the quilt.
 This is Jaycee and Mr. Fredrickson. He's been a great teacher, friend, and life coach to his FFA students.  I know Jaycee is looking forward to helping out with FFA next year as a Junior Adviser. 


Me said...

That is amazing. You are amazing.

Nann said...

It turned out terrific. FFA really has been great for Jaycee. You are amazing to get it all together.